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VISSLA is an innovative company that is very dedicated to environmental protection. Vissla offers high quality wetsuits that are manufactured in a much more environmentally friendly way. Vissla has a wide range of products and offers you the right solution for every area of use. You're looking for a winter wetsuit to really let loose on the cold days in the line up. The next cold water surf can come! There are different options for summer wetsuits. There are shorties with short arms and short legs, shorties as long sleeves with short legs, jumpsuits with long legs and short arms or a good all-rounder in European climes is a 3 millimetre wetsuit. The different wetsuits also include plenty of neoprene accessories. Here, Vissla offers neoprene booties, neoprene gloves and neoprene bonnets for different water temperatures. Unique neoprene waistcoats, lycras and rashguards are also available from Vissla. The Vissla Eco wetsuits offer you three different levels of quality - The 7 Seas Eco wetsuits offer you a high level of quality and are only surpassed by the Vissla High Seas wetsuits. The High Seas offers a very soft neoprene and the inner lining dries extremely quickly. The warmest wetsuit in the Vissla range is the North Seas - this comes with taped seams inside and out, giving you plenty of protection against the cold. You will soon be able to buy Vissla wetsuits for children in our Surfganic online shop. Are you looking for a women's wetsuit? Then Vissla's women's brand - Sisstr Evolution offers great wetsuits for women.

Why should I wear eco-friendly surf clothing from Vissla?

The men's range of the Vissla collection includes an ever-expanding range of eco-friendly garments. The clothing range includes eco-friendly tops like jackets, hoodies, t-shirts and much more. Different trousers like shorts, pants, jeans and the sensational Coconut Boardshorts. The Vissla clothes convince with an incredible wearing comfort and a great design.

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