Surfskate buy online? We offer surf skateboards and surf trainers.

Discover our surfskate to train your surfing skills. A surf skateboard is the perfect surf trainer for the long weeks between your surf trips.  At Surfganic we offer you surf skateboards from the brands Slide, Surfganic, Kruuze and Flying Wheels. Discover the skateboard that will significantly improve your surfing skills and give you a whole new training effect. A surf skateboard has special trucks that mimic the surfing experience. Your new surf skateboard will bring the feeling of surfing to the asphalt. Different models offer you different riding characteristics. Which surfskate is right for you? Wider surfskates with a wide nose are more beginner-friendly and not as radical to skate. The longer a skateboard is, the smoother it runs and the more relaxed it is to surf on. The shorter and narrower a skateboard is, the more radical it is to turn and skate.

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