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Eco Surfboards

Happy Earth Day, dear Earthlings! You love this planet and your passion is surfing? Surfing is a sport where you can feel the nature and the special spirit. Find the balance between hard work to improve your skills, to transcend your limits, and enjoyable moments in nature.  Then you will find something very special! Silence, spirit, peace and freedom.  You reach the point where you think: Am I in another world? Is it reality? Your feeling is indescribable.
It is our world and our nature in which you feel life.
Be one with the nature

We have a cooperation with Surfganic-Surfboards to create our own board range with environmentally friendly surboards. We only want to offer you boards that have more volume, a very high quality and are at the same time more environmentally friendly than conventional surfboards. Almost exclusively local products are used, which protects the environment. A special high performance epoxy on ecological basis is used and through high quality products, the high quality workmanship these boards are very durable and sustainable. Environmentally friendly materials are used, the veneer comes for example from sustainable local cultivation. We have replaced the glass fabric with more environmentally friendly basalt fabric and linen fabric and have achieved an unbelievably high quality surfboard through our special manufacturing process. We would like to inspire you with incredibly fun retro shapes. Because fun is the most important thing in everything you do in life and should always be in the foreground.

We at Surfganic only want one thing! To offer you a perfect travel companion who guarantees you an unbelievable time in and at the water.

Info about all shapes and further information can be found here:

We at Surfganic Surfboards only want one! We want you to have a perfect travel companion who will guarantee you an incredible time in and around the water. A Magicboard that is tailored to your weight, size, ski level, your future goals and the waves you want to surf with it.
The great thing about our surfboards is that they are environmentally friendly, made in Germany and only high quality materials are used. Highest quality is our claim, because a durable surfboard reduces the footprint enormously.
We build your Eco Surfboard handcrafted made in Germany.
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