Surf Fins

Are you looking for surfboard fins?

We offer a large selection of surfboard fins in our surf shop. Whether single fins for longboards, FCS fins or futures fins. We have the perfect fin for your surfboard in our range. Discover the variety of colours, shapes, sizes, retro fins and high performance fins in our store.

What fin systems are there?

There are four fin systems that share the market, with the FCS II fin system also fitting the FCS I fins. Futures fins are not compatible with the FCS fin system and vice versa. The US Fin Box System is used for singlefin surfboards and longboards. Many manufacturers of surf fins produce compatible surf fins for this fin system.

  • Futures Fin System
  • FCS I Fin System
  • FCS II Fin System
  • US - Fin Box System

Which Fin System for which application?

The Futures Fin System and the FCS Fin System stand for high performance and quick change fins.

The US fin boxes are used in longboards, singlefin surfboards and bonzers. Here, the fin can be moved in the box and the surfing behaviour of your surfboard can be changed depending on the wave height and agility. If you put the fin further forward, your surfboard will be more agile, the further back, it will be smoother.

Which surfboard fin setups are there?

There are six important fin setups for surfboards.

  • Single Fin Setup
  • 2 +1 fin setup
  • Twin Fin setup
  • Tri Fin Setup (Thruster)
  • Quad Fin Setup
  • 5 Fin Setup

Which surfboard fin setup for which surfboard?

The single fin setup is used for longboards and singlefin surfboards. A distinction is made here between pure singlefin surfboards and surfboards with sitebites. This fin setup is called 2 + 1 setup. The side fins give the board a smoother ride and make it more forgiving to surf.

The Tri Fin Setup also called Thruster is the easiest fin setup to surf. Smoothness and stability in the wave characterise this setup.

A twin fin setup is often used on fishboards and surfboards with wide tails. These boards can be surfed rail to rail and are very manoeuvrable.

A quad fin setup is a twin fin setup, except that the two additional fins give the board more stability in the wave wall. Quad fin setups are used in retro shapes but also in the high performance sector.

The 5 fin setup has been specially developed for surfboards that can be surfed as thrusters, but also as quad fins. The choice of which setup you use depends on the wave and the conditions.

Which surf fin should I buy?

Which surf fin you should buy depends on a few factors.

  • Your surfboard
  • Your weight and size
  • Your weight and size
  • The waves you want to surf

Which surfboard fin for which weight?

Weight is an important factor when buying a surf fin. The following information can be used as a guide, although it may change slightly due to other factors.

  • Size XS: Under 55 kg
  • Size S: 55 - 70 kg
  • Size M: 65 - 80 kg
  • Size L: 75 - 90 kg
  • Size XL: Over 85 kg