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Order bags / boardbags for your Sufboard in our Surfganic Online Shop

We at Surfganic offer you a wide range of surfboard bags for your surfboard. You want to protect your surfboard from damage? Then there are different possibilities to do this. Daybags are perfect to protect your surfboard from damages on the way to the beach and on the beach from the harmful UV radiation. Daybags are equipped with 5-10mm padding and are not very suitable for air travel. Special travel bags with at least 10mm padding are suitable for this purpose. The thickest and most effective boardboargs are manufactured by Ocean & Earth. These surfboard bags offer a 25mm foam padding and come with an extra impact resistant foam padding in the rail area of the board to protect it in the best possible way. All boardbags are available for different types of surfboards like shortboards, fishboards, hybridboards, funboards, minimalibus and longboards. The surfboard bags are also available as double board bags for two boards, triple board bags for up to three surfboards and also as quad board bags for up to four boards. Additionally there are surfboard bags with wheels (Trollie) to be able to pull the heavy bag behind you. We offer surfboard bags in different quality levels and price ranges. To protect your board we offer Ocean & Earth, Roam, Madness, Northcore, Bugz and Tiki. Also in the other water sports like SUPing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, skimboarding and bodyboarding good boardbag solutions should not be missing. Windsurfing bags are available from Tekknosport and Fanatic, bodyboard bags from Sniper, Ariinui for your SUP board, SkimOne for your skimboard, kiteboard bags and wakeboard bags from Duotone and Tekknosports. An absolutely great solution to protect your surfboard further is the Flexi-Hex transport packaging. No matter if you want to ship your surfboard or if you want to protect it in the board bag. The Flexi-Hex cardboard packaging works miracles.

What are the advantages of a good Boardbag?

A boardbag is an important part of the surfing and should not be missing in the surfing accessories. Here are the reasons:

- saves money through longer living surfboards
- annoying repairs are no longer necessary - especially if you want to get into the water quickly after your flight

High quality surfboard bags for your surfboard buy cheap at Surfganic Online Store

In our online shop we offer you a large selection of surfboard bags in different watersport areas.  With our efficient shipping partners we guarantee a fast delivery. Already from a value of goods of 50 € the shipping within Europe is free of charge. Buy at Surfganic and benefit from our high quality products. You have questions about certain products? Use our purchase advice and contact us via Live Chat, Mail, Whats app or phone +49 (01590 1712899) and get a professional advice from one of our qualified employees.
We look forward to your message and will be happy to help you.

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