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Slide Skateboards


We from the ministry were able to test the 2019 slide collection extensively in advance and are very impressed. Cruisers such as the Joyful or the Gussie series not only offer the same driving pleasure as boards from other manufacturers. Even at 33? and langer Wheelbase, Slide Surf skateboards come with ultimate performance and intuitive handling. Surf Dude's will rise and feel comfortable. Shaka! The Slide Surf Skateboards were designed and developed in an exclusive collaboration of Slide Surf Skate, Hot Buttered from Australia and Sancheski in Sancheski factory, Irun - North Spain. Sancheski, making dreams come true since 1934 Sancheski is one of the first European skateboard manufacturers and has been manufacturing sports equipment for more than 80 years. Since 1934, at the beginning with textiles and leather goods, the production of ski and mountaineering equipment developed and already in 1966 the entry into skateboard production. The extensive experience gained in the production processes was put to full use in the 2016 Slide Truck and was able to further improve the quality. Hot Buttered is one of the leading surf equipment companies in Australia since 1971. Their first skatboard products were launched in 1987 with the patented vertical pin truck's & 'OZE' decks. Hot Buttered develops shapes & templates to transfer the right surfing feel from the wave to the asphalt. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
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