SKYWATCH - anemometers for sailing and...


SKYWATCH - anemometers for sailing and surfing in our surf shop

Skywatch offers you anemometers for sailing and surfing - if you value quality variety is important to us ... ... that's why we offer you anemometers, handheld anemometers, anemometers, mobile weather stations with barometer, altimeter, air pressure, compass, weather alarm, dew point, wind chill, hygrometer, altimeter, logs, handheld echosounders and much more. ... in many combinations. Quality is important to us ... ... There are enough weather taps, that's why we only offer wind meters and weather measuring instruments for the determination of wind, weather, environmental and climate data, which meet our high quality standards. And everything to make your sport like windsurfing and kitesurfing a real success Decide for Skywatch and buy them from us in our surf shop.

 Greetings from your Skywatch Team ;-)