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A skimboard is the perfect travel companion for young and old. They immediately bring a lot of fun and can be used at every water edge. Skimming is a water sport based on liquid friction between surfaces of different speeds. The sports equipment used for skimboarding - the skimboard - is a flat disc, which is approximately oval in shape and slightly curved upwards towards the outer sides. A skimboard is usually made of wood, which is of varying quality depending on the price range. The decisive factor here is how the individual layers of wood are glued together and which glaze the board has as a sealant. On skimboards the surfer tries to glide on the surface of the flat water in the outflow area of the surf. As a preparation, the skimboard is rubbed with wax on the upper side to make it more grippy and prevent the feet from slipping. There are different types of skimboarding as well as two types of board: "Waveskim", where 99% of the boards are polyester boards "Jumpskimming", also polyester boards "Flatlandskimming" or "Inland-Skimboarding", where 70% of the boards are wooden. With waveskimming you ride from the beach towards a wave and try to do tricks on it with the skimboard, with jump skimming you ride from the beach towards a wave as high as possible and then jump off the skimboard and do a somersault in the air, for example. With the last type, flatlandskimming, you ride towards ramps or similar trick sequences in water that is as shallow as possible.

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