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How do I repair my surfboard ?

You tried to repair your surfboard yourself, but you don't really trust yourself ? Then we at Surfganic will be happy to help you. Beside our Surfganic Surfboard Repair Service ( inquiries please to: aloha@surfganic-surfboards.com or call us under 01590 1712899 ) we offer you also the possibility with our Surfboard Repair Kits to repair your surfboard yourself.

Our instructions refer to the repair of small damages on surfboards.

For bigger damages you need experience and the necessary equipment. Here we from Surfganic Eco Surfboards are happy to help you.
First of all you should find out with which materials your surfboard was made.
The crucial factor here is the core material. Usually polyurethane (PU), expanded polystyrene (EPS) or extruded polystyrene (IX-PS, XPS) is used. While you can repair damages on PU surfboards with polyester or epoxy resin, you should only repair epoxy surfboards with epoxy resin. In case of doubt you should use epoxy resin for surfboards of unknown construction to be on the safe side.
Take a close look at the damage to your surfboard - if your board has already drawn water, it is important to cut the laminate at the damaged spot and dry the board first. Then the gap has to be filled with a filling mixture. Then sand it in and put a mat of fibreglass over it to ensure durability.

Which damages can I repair myself and which damages should I leave to a shaper / professional?
Smaller defects and cuts can be repaired by yourself with Quick Repair Sets. A broken or broken surfboard, large delaminations or damaged finplugs should only be repaired by professionals.

What do I need to repair?
For large surfboard repairs you will need resin and hardener, glass fibre mats, fillers such as micro balloons, sandpaper and nitrile-based disposable gloves.
For small surf roast repairs, fast curing one-component adhesives such as Solarez are sufficient.

Solarez on epoxy or polyester base are perfect for travelling to get your surfboard fit again quickly. A larger Repairkit should not be missing however with your Surfutensilien. Here we recommend for example our Surfganic Surfboards Repairkit.

In contrast to the UV-curing repair kits, the curing takes some time, so that you cannot surf again immediately after the repair. Available as polyester and epoxy repair set.

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