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It all began back in 2006 on the beaches of Thailand and Australia. Friends since university, Dan and Joel, decided to quit the rat race, slip on their flip-flops and go traveling for six months on an epic beach, boat, surf and scuba holiday.

 For weeks they fought to keep their technology, valuables and clothes dry and sand free. And that’s when it struck them; what they needed was a functional waterproof bag that could protect their possessions without slowing them down.

About OverBoard Waterproof bags
Back home, even before the tans had faded, they were researching, designing and producing their first waterproof prototypes – the perfect dry bags and their first OverBoard products. The response from friends, family and a growing band of customers was extraordinary so the range just had to grow. More colours, sizes and individual water-tight protection followed, defending everything from phones and iPads to emergency supplies from water, snow, dirt and sand.

 Fast forward to today, we are the leaders in waterproof bags and cases with customers and distributors in over 70 countries across the globe. Sure, it’s been hard work – but there are perks, not only do we lab test everything, products like ours need to face real life situations, ideally with the sun beating down, and somebody has to do it.

 Wherever you go, whatever you do, there’s an OverBoard 100% waterproof product for you.

We offer waterproof mobile phone bags, waterproof laptop bags, waterproof duffel bags, waterproof map bags, waterproof document bags, waterproof bike bags, waterproof hip bags, waterproof iphone bags, waterproof ipad bags, waterproof steering wheel bags, waterproof kayak bags, waterproof messenger bags, waterproof saddlebags, waterproof multipurpose bags, waterproof smartphone bags, waterproof mirror refelx camera bags, waterproof bags, waterproof packsacks, waterproof backpacks and waterproof dry bags.

...Keep it Dry

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