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Surf Fins

Order your fins for your surfboard in our Surfganic Online Shop

Finns are an important tool when surfing and influence the performance of your surfboard by about 40%. The right choice of fins is extremely important to get the most out of your surfboard. The fins should be adjusted to your surfboard, body weight, the type of wave you want to surf (size and power).  There are fins that generate speed or increase the control over your board.  The size and shape of the fins also play a big role. In our Surfganic Online Store you will find a huge selection of fins for your FCS or Future Fin System. We offer surfboard fins for surfing from Captain Fin, Future Fins, Koalition, FCS and Shapers Fins. You can find all surfing accessories under the category surfing accessories.

Which fin setups are available, when are they used and what surfing characteristics do they have?

ingel Fin
 - for radical single fin surfboards, retro midlength boards or longboards - very loose surf behaviour and hard to

2 + 1 setup with sidebites - for more radical longboards, single fin surfboards - gives your surfboard more stability and forgiving.

Twin Fin Setup - suitable for retro fishboards or minisimmons - very agile and loose surfing
Thruster (Tri-Fin Setup) - The most common Fin Setup. Perfect for shortboards, hybrid boards, funboards, riverboards and minimalibus. Gives you a very stable surfing behaviour and is forgiving.

Quad Fin Setup - is suitable for hybridshapes, performance fishboards, shortboards for steep and hollow waves. Good to surf your board rail to rail and have a perfect hold in steep waves.

5-Fin Setup - is not surfed as a 5 Fin but you decide if you want to surf your board as a Thruster or Quad and you can adjust your board to the wave conditions.


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In our online shop we offer you a wide range of surfing fins from Future, FCS, Shapers, Captain Fin and Koalition, so that you can practice your favorite water sport, surfing.  With our powerful shipping partners we guarantee a fast delivery. Shipping within Germany is free of charge from a value of 20 €. Buy at Surfganic and benefit from our high quality products. You have questions about certain products? Use our purchase advice and contact us via Live Chat, Mail, Whats app or phone +49 (01590 1712899) and get a professional advice from one of our trained employees. We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to help you choose the right surfer for you.

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