EcoPro - DRIVEN BY NATURE - environmentally friendly cork Tailpads 

EcoPro is a company from Portugal, which has made it its business to produce the most environmentally friendly tailpads on the market. The cork used is taken from waste from the local industry and recycled. Cork binds more CO2 during growing up than the processing releases afterwards. These great ECO Grippads are finished with the high quality M3 glue, so the traction pads will stick to your surfboard for a long time. The pads are pressed from cork granules in a mould, which results in a great durability. The cork pads come from nature and go back to nature after use. The waste is minimal and is decomposed independently by nature. The EcoPro Surf Accessories products are convincing all along the line.


Which tailpads does EcoPro offer?

The RETRO Pad is a three-part surfboard flu pad and can be individually glued to your surfboard.
The Classic Pad is very stable and completely made of one piece.
The Fish Tailpad is especially designed for Fishsurfboards.


For which water sports can you use these Tailpads?

The traction pads can be used on any surfboard. Whether shortboard, funboard, hybrid small wave boards, minimalibus or even longboards, you can use these pads optimally. The Retro Tailpad cuts a great figure on your riversurfboard and gives you the grip you need for radical turns at riversurfing. You want a little more control when surfing SUP on your backfoot? Then stick an Eco Pro Pad on your SUP board. Eco Pads are also often used when kitesurfing on kitesurf boards that are suitable for wave riding, so-called Direcionals.


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