Founded in 1978 on the northern beaches of...

Aloha Surfboards

Founded in 1978 on the northern beaches of Sydney, Aloha quickly gained momentum and attracted positive support in a relatively short time from an unprecedented number of professionals from around the world. As a result, the Aloha brand was introduced in most surfing areas over the next ten years after the world tour, and was presented on all major surfing continents.
Professional surfing has shaped the Aloha ethos and design Aloha's own team reads like a Who's Who of surfing; most long-time members join the Aloha family when they are on the junior ladder before they become ASP or WCT tours and today's pros. Over the years, our surfers have embedded the Aloha brand into the great surfing history of Australia and the world through their exceptional surfing and individual personalities. 36 years of Aloha has the respect and recognition of the surfing elite, which is a true testimony to our ability.
Aloha Surfboards is at the forefront of surfing and lifestyle.
We are a growing group of like-minded people who have come together to manage the Aloha brand. Our goal is to create high quality, handcrafted boards and clothing that has been carefully designed with great attention to design and art.
What we do is a little different because it's for you.

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