From the beginning of the 70\'s the engineer...


From the beginning of the 70's the engineer Alan Adler was interested in the improvement of the flying disc / Frisbee.

At first, he succeeded in optimizing the shape of the disc, reducing its resistance and allowing it to continue flying. But this made the flight unstable.

The inspiration came from an improbable source. Adler had read about the chakra - an old and impressive Punjabi weapon formed in a ring.

This prompted Adler to build the Skyro, his first flying ring, which set the Guinness World Record in 1980. It was good to throw far, but only worked at a certain speed. Adler was not completely satisfied.

In 1984 Alan Adler finally found the last piece of the puzzle. With the addition of a spoiler to his flying ring, Aerobie was born. The ring can be thrown fast, slow, close or far. In short, Alan Adler had developed the fun himself.

Since 1984, AEROBIE has never lost Mr. Alder's spirit of innovation. We've redesigned the throw ring countless times so it flies further, so it flies in the dark, so it flies for dogs, so it flies back to you, etc. We use the same technology and science that goes into the construction of airplanes, except that we actually design our stuff to be fun. So stretch your legs, grab a Frisbee and let your mind rise. You can buy Aerobie in our Surfganic online shop.